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Rina Kam
2012-09-20 17:12:54
This is to certify that my family is pleased with the ground ambulance services provided by Emedihuh and George C Tan
and we would recommend their ambulance and medical referral services in Singapore and Malaysia.

This August, my uncle was admitted to Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital in Singapore and had a surgery.
When we had decided to send him to Kuala Lumpur for long term care, the hospital suggested for Emedihub to provide
ground ambulance service. It was a complicated case because my uncle was an ICU patient and needed ventilation.
George was patient, experienced and professional. His price was competitive and has a wide range of options for us. His doctor, a specialist,
visited my uncle the day before and worked on various ventulators. He had to come a second time to ensure we minimize the risks.

George was in close contact with me through the entire process.

Despite the additional efforts, George did not charge us any additional fee for the additional doctor visit and sticked with the original terms.

My family and I are very pleased with Emedihub and George's service and would recommend them to our friends, colleagues and relatives.


Rina Kam
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August, 2012
2012-08-30 11:30:00
eMediHub I had like to thank Dr.Yegappan for his immediate attention and recommendation. I need to get my Dadís X-Rayís and I will get in touch with you soon, once I get them as they need to be posted from India. I had like to thank your team for the great assistance and service provided.
2012-08-30 11:16:36
eMediHub To Whom It May Concern, I contacted eMediHub, a leading medical travel company in Singapore, on the Web in May for my dental problems. eMediHub responded within 24hrs with useful information and has guided me through the process to getting treatments from dental specialists. My case is more complicated as specialists from several areas would be involved in the treatments. George and team has been patience, professional, has a wide medical service network, and caring in helping me through these challenging first steps. George was present at the first consultation together with Amy of Raffles to ensure all goes well.
2011-02-16 15:09:00
eMediHub I am writing this letter as an appreciation for eMediHub (George and Yang Hua) assistance facilitating health screening requirements for my two Chinese clients. Within half a day's notice, George and Team was able to advice my clients, provided estimated costs for specific packages and arranged for appointments at Raffles.
Importantly, George and Team were knowledgeable, efficient and able to arrange to have two Raffles staff to service my clients. I was amazed as normally, this applies only to VIPs with advanced notice. This unexpected pleasant surprise was a nice touch that my clients enjoyed and have indicated that they would return to eMediHub for their future medical needs.
George and Team's attention to the fine details and a wide network of specialists and doctors in Singapore have ensured my clients to receive the best services. eMediHuh has won my vote and I would refer my other clients to eMediHub!
2010-11-12 10:32:02
eMediHub To Whom It May Concern,
This letter is to compliment eMediHub's team for their strong network of specialists and hospitals, extensive experience in medical travel industry and 5-Star Service to my uncle Krish who is a liver transplant patient.
We found eMediHub, a leading specialist doctor portal in Singapore, on the web 10 days ago while searching for liver specialists. eMediHub's team, specially George C. Tan and Guo Jing, have been giving us useful and factual information (e.g. choices of experienced liver specialists), patience, and considerate. They have guided us through the process of seeking medical services for liver patients in Singapore. eMediHub's dedication to patients, even at midnights, are indispensable to my family during this critical decision period.
I should point out that all these services are at no cost to patients.
We decided to send my uncle to Gleneagles Hospital under the care of Dr. Tan Yu Meng of Asian Centre for Liver Diseases and Transplantation (ACLDT). At the planning, during and post the admissions stages, eMedihub was coordinating with my family, Gleneagles and Asian Liver Diseases and Dr. Tan Yu Meng. George and Guo Jing were on-site helping us to deal with admissions, payment, helping us to organize our questions for Dr. Tan and see that the family is taken care of.
My uncle situation has improved steadily and we have to finalize our decision regarding the transplant operation very soon. We are very glad to have eMediHub's team working with us.
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sincerely yours,
2010-08-24 10:06:31
eMediHub I have been having problems with my knee for quite some time, it has been an old problem of mine. My knee problem then worsened, and put me into great pain. My knees locked, and got me worried. I got to know about eMediHub, and decided to come to Singapore for treatment of my knee. Since then, I have been in constant contact with William and with George. They have been very helpful in getting Dr. Yegappanís feedback regarding my knee injury. Even though I had a very tight schedule, William was still able to help me book an appointment with Dr. Yegappan that fits into my tight schedule quickly. William had worked through the long weekend. Furthermore, he went beyond the call of duty to expedite insurance pre-authorization.
Besides that, William also came down to Mount Elizabeth Hospital on the day of my appointment with Dr. Yegappan, providing excellent on-site support to ensure that I am comfortable and know what to expect from the surgery that was to be conducted on the same day. It was great to have him with me, helping me with all the procedures, such as the registration procedures. Also, the specialist that eMediHub recommended me was great. The appointment I had with Dr. Yegappan was very fruitful, and I was able to relax, knowing that my knees are in good hands, and not have to worry too much about my knee injury. Dr. Yegappan is friendly, experienced and also took time to explain everything to me.
I am indeed extremely pleased and satisfied with the service that eMediHub had provided me throughout. I canít thank them enough for the wonderful service they had provided. Thank you very much!
2010-08-24 10:04:15
eMediHub I am Julia, and I would like to write a testimonial for eMediHub. My brother, Iswandy, and I come from Indonesia. My brother has got kidney problem, which was starting to require attention. I managed to get to know about eMediHub, and decided to contact eMediHub through an email. I was surprised to get a reply from eMediHub the very next day, despite the fact that it was a Saturday. Very quickly, I was able to book an appointment to be on the following Monday for Iswandy.
Unfortunately, my brotherís condition worsened suddenly, and we had to get to Singapore on Sunday and get him admitted on Sunday. It was quite unexpected, but luckily we had Georgeís help, who responded to the urgent call over the weekend and arranged for emergency admission for us. He helped to engage Dr. Pary Sivaraman, a renal specialist, for us. George supported my brother over the phone till my brother arrived in the hospital. He followed up with my brother during hospitalization until he returned home. Not only that, George had also provided useful information regarding the kidney to us, keeping me and my family informed. He had showed lots of concern for my brother, and provided me with a lot of much needed help and support. I am very grateful for that. I would definitely recommend my friends, or anyone, to approach eMediHub when they would like to find a specialist in Singapore. Their service is excellent!
2010-08-24 10:00:14
eMediHub I am 44 years old British Male based in the Philippines. Last weekend I had to be admitted into hospital due to Right side testical pain. After a series of blood test, urine test and an ultrasound with Doppler, I was diagnosed with Varicocele. I am glad that when I was seeking a professional second opinion I found eMediHub on the internet. Soon I have learned that eMediHub is a leading medical travel services company that offers quality one-stop services for international patients. I have been communicating with George and the entire team of eMediHub and received excellent support for assisting in making the medical appointment with Dr. Ho Siew Hong. Furthermore, eMediHub has also helped me to arrange for my accommodation during my stay in Singapore. Levaraging their superb relation with Meritus Mandarin Hotel, eMediHub managed to get me an accommodation when other people could not get one when they were trying to book it online. Thank you so much eMediHub and Dr. Ho Siew Hong!
Ms Wong
2010-08-24 09:55:28
eMediHub I am Ms Wong and I am writing this testimonial for eMediHub in appreciation for their outstanding service to our family when my mom had a neuron degenerative problem. Since 2008, my mom's mobility of both her arms and legs are gradually getting weaker. She is now even has problem swallowing and talking. We have consulted orthopaedic doctors in Tan Tock Seng, KK Women's hospital, NUH, and gone thru' physiotherapies, the conclusion was she has a slipped disk at L5. She had an operation done in NUH in Oct 2009. But since then, although she has gone through a month of Physiotherapy, things have not improved. Her condition has worsened for the last 3-4 weeks.
The last 2 weeks she's been in pain (her arms and legs and around her waist and stomach) so we took her to the Raffles Hospital Emergency. The specialist conducted ultrasound scans, CT scan, endoscopy and x-ray on her stomach but found nothing alarming. Conclusion was gastric problem and they prescribed some medication for that. But it still didn't help so we brought her back to Raffles Hospital Emergency. This time a neurology specialist looked at her and thinks it may be some neuron degenerated problem rather than a stroke or a slipped disk, and the pain is caused by her muscle pain for being not mobile for a long period of time.
I found eMediHub from the internet and have been communicating with George regarding about my momís condition. I am glad that George is very professional and understanding with patient problems; he listed to my momís problems and soon suggested a few specialists doctors for me to consider. George has helped me to schedule an appointment for my mum to see Dr. Bernard Lee and the biggest thing is that after the treatment my mum is getting better and the treatment method works, my mum is now under medication for motor neuron disease with neuropathic pain component and will be back to see Dr. Bernard Lee again for review. Thank You George, eMediHub and Dr. Bernard Lee!
2010-08-24 09:50:01
eMediHub This is to comment on eMediHub Air Ambulance and Medical Travel Services Team's professionalism, a strong network with 150 specialist doctors, 8 hospital partners and 10 available medical aircrafts and patient oriented attitude. My uncle with brain bleeding and broken leg problems needed Air Ambulance service and eMediHub came highly recommended by a relative who was a formal patient of eMediHub. When we contacted George, he was knowledgeable, asked relevant information and began the process efficiently. Within 2.5 hours after the agreement was signed and payment made, the medical aircraft took off from Singapore for Indonesia.
Furthermore, eMediHub was in frequent contact with Dr. Timothy Lee, the neurology surgeon in this case, and Gleneagles Hospitals throughout the entire process. We were pleasantly surprised when George, Gui Ru and Nicole of eMediHub showed up at the airport and hospital at 1:30am to ensure everything was taken care off for us. They continued to visit us during our stay in Gleneages.
My family and I are very pleased with the quality of medical services, commitments and services received from eMediHub's Network. We would be most glad to recommend eMediHub to our friends and relatives.
Ms. Winayanti Oey
2010-02-23 14:22:48
eMediHub I would like to thank eMediHub for their excellent services during my lasik surgery treatment in Singapore. I have been wearing glasses since young and i always have problems wearing contact lenses during sport time and any other outdoor activities. I have decided to undergo lasik surgery treatment and after browsing through all the lasik treatment in Singapore i found eMediHub on the internet which I soon learned that eMediHub is a leading Medical Travel Services company. Since then i have been in contact with William who has been providing me with outstanding support for being the translator during my medical consultation, medical check up and on-site support. For all these services, eMediHub did not charge me any fee. Last, I would like to thank Dr. Yap Soo Keong for being a great doctor and now i do not need to wear any spectacles anymore!
Debby Araniyadi
New Zealand
2010-02-23 14:17:56
eMediHub My father, Willy Araniyadi 70 years old has been having headache and feeling imbalance often. It started when he had a minor stroke a few years ago but it has become worse in the past 2 years and recently, he was admitted to hospital for low sodium in the blood. Before this, he was admitted to hospital twice for this condition. When me and my family plan to take my father to Singapore for treatment in Gleneagles Hospital, I found eMediHub which I soon learned that eMediHub is a leading Medical Travel Services company. Since then I have been in contact with William who has been providing me with excellent support for my father admission, on-site support as well as helping me to arrange accommodations during my stay in Singapore. I am very happy that he has helped my family go through all the process at Gleneagles hospital. Finding him through eMEdhub website has assisted me greatly. My father is now stronger so we would like to thank you for all your assistance. For all these services, eMediHub did not charge me any fee. Additionally, the support team has also assisted me in reviewing my father medical bill in details. I am happy with their professionalism, understanding of patients' needs and would like to thank them on behalf of my family.
Celia Du
2010-02-23 14:15:45
eMediHub I have a persistent gastric problem and i have already gone to several doctors. However my problem still keeps coming back until the day that i am admitted to hospital emergency department but they could not find any specific problem. I found eMediHub on Internet, contacted George and tell him about my persistent gastric problem. George is very professional and understanding with patient problems, he listed to my problems and soon suggested few gastroenterologist specialists doctors for me to consider. eMediHub has helped me to schedule a quick appointment with a senior gastroenterologist. After a thorough medical examination, scope tests and taking the medication prescribed by the doctor i feel much better on the same day. I want to thank Dr. Cheong as well for being such a great doctor in my bad gastric day. All these were done without any fee to me. I am very glad that I found eMediHub which I can trust for my family and my medical problems. Thank you, eMediHub Team!
Xiao Fang
2010-02-23 14:11:10
eMediHub 我爸爸的手指因为工作而受伤,在中国北京及时做了手术,但手术结果和如何恢复的问题令我担心,他本人也经受着手指的疼痛。
我们得到了新加坡手外科专家的诊疗和恢复建议, 随后我们回到北京,按照专家的指导恢复手指功能。我们很满意你们的服务,谢谢。
2010-02-19 15:36:38
eMediHub Jeremy of eMediHub Customer Support Team was an angel if I'm allowed to use that word in this circumstance.He was very good to me and my family.He would go out of his way to make his client very comfortable,he is always available whenever you need his assistance,from the first point of arranging for our visas,fixing of appointments,and finally meeting with the Doctor.
Jeremy is selfless and a professional to the core,committed to his duty,performing it to the best of his ability without compromise, as well as satisfying his client.He was always available to offer words of advice and encouragement to cheer me up,especially when i was confused and at a cross road as to what decision to make.
I am very pleased with Jeremy and eMediHub, and would be happy to recommend your services to my friends as i have already done with mr Ikenna Chigbo-Dr jeffery chew's patient.
Many Thanks on behalf of myself,my husband and children.
Madam Tian
2010-02-05 13:52:56
eMediHub eMediHub has been providing me with helpful guidance when I was planning to get a health screening for myself during my recent business trip to Singapore. I am glad that eMediHub's was able to help me to differentiate various health screening packages according to my needs, preferences and budget. The process from selection of packages, actual health screening and payment has been well arranged and hassle free.
I would like to also thank Asia Health Partners for their professionalism, availability of packages geared for varies needs and helpfulness.I have been communicating with William and I am impressed with how eMediHub works in coordinating and arranging my health screening appointment. I will definitely recommend eMediHub to anyone of my friends and colleagues who are thinking to have a health screening in Singapore.
Mr Lin
2010-01-22 11:09:30
eMediHub I would like to comment eMediHub's outstanding service to me when I had a hemifacial spasm over last Christmas. My husband and I are extremely pleased with eMediHub's service, the specialist's attentiveness to my problems and productive treatment options, very reasonable cost, and the efficiency in getting me an appointment. Equally important, eMediHub Support Team's ability in handling my case has significantly increased my confidence in getting my problems treated.
George took my call over Christmas holidays and asked me not to worry as he immediately contacted eMediHub's neurology specialists. I was immediately pleased that he could speak good Mandarin and English and is knowledgeable and willing to help. After reviewing initial responses from neurologists and discussed with me (free), I selected a neurology surgeon for his experience in this area and his reasonable consultation fee. George has first hand experience with this specialist as the neuro specialist successfully treated an eMediHub Air Ambulance patient from Indonesia in December, 2009 with bleeding in the head.
Levaraging their superb relation with approximately 150 experienced specialists, eMediHub managed to get me an appointment on the next work day even though it was a Christmas-New Year period that most doctors are on vacation and at reduced hours with long lines of patients.
The medication that I received has worked first time around. I have since got back to George for other medical problems for my family. He is always patience, knowledgeable, professional and has a wide network of experienced specialists (whom he knows first hand) and 8 large hospital partners behind him. It is wonderful to know that my family can relay on George and eMediHub with our medical problems in Singapore. My husband and I now referral our colleagues and friends to eMediHub without hesitations.
2009-12-29 12:57:44
eMediHub I am writing this testimonial for eMediHub in appreciation for their outstanding services in Air Ambulance Service for my mother who was evacuated from Indonesia to Singapore in December, 2009. While vacationing, my mother had a heart attack. As such, my family started calling air ambulance service companies in Singapore and managed to reach George and William from eMediHub on a Sunday. Of the various companies we contacted, we found eMediHub to be:
1. Professional and experienced,
2. Able to understand patients’ concerns in medical and financial areas,
3. Resourceful and has a wide network of experienced specialists doctors (100+) and major hospitals (8) in Singapore,
4. Price competitive. eMediHub even negotiated, without our request, to minimize additional aircraft parking fee imposed by the Indonesian airport. This savings was much appreciated.
5. Go all the way to get things done for patients.
Throughout the course of evacuation, eMediHub systematically explained the process, helped my family to prioritize decisions, and had their team providing on-site support every step of the way. They kept my family informed at major milestones during the entire flight which lessened the stress we were already experiencing. They also remained in close contact until my mother was admitted at a located hospital at 0030hrs on a Tuesday morning.
In addition, George and his team alerted the hospital in preparation for my mother’s arrival. eMediHub’s outstanding customer service further reduced the stress during critical hours for my family.
My mother is now recovering well after an immediate heart bypass surgery.
My family and I are grateful to eMediHub during this stressful period. We especially appreciate their professionalism, dedication to patients and families and their personal touch. I would refer eMediHub to my colleagues and friends should the situation arises.
Gerard Sicobo
2009-06-24 15:11:11
eMediHub I am from Seychelles and I've been searching in the internet to seek a Urologist for my son. I've contacted eMediHub and has been communicating closely with Jeremy from eMediHub and Dr. Ho Siew Hong, an Urologist specialist. I'm very happy with the coordination and information provided prior before my departure to Singapore in April 2009. Jeremy has been following up and facilitate us on our inquiries and make the necessary arrangement for a medical appointment with Dr. Ho for my 12 years old son.
Jeremy extended his services by providing concierge support on the day of the appointment with Dr. Ho as he waited for us at the hotel and brings us to the hospital. Its convenient and efficient for us as he escorted us directly to the clinic and diagnostic lab. It takes 7 hours of flight to Singapore and I was very happy in the end as my son will not have to undergo surgery after Dr. Ho has conducted the necessary investigations and laboratory tests.
I'm glad and would like to thank Dr. Ho and Jeremy for all their services offered. Its a wonderful experience and a successful trip to Singapore for my son and I'm happy to refer to my colleagues and friends about eMediHub and the medical expertise of Singapore.
Cecilia Loh
2009-06-24 14:51:26
eMediHub My mother, Mdm Loh Siew Ying is 73 years old and has suffered from a lower back pain. I'm very concerned on her pain as the x-ray shows lumbar spondylosis with retrolisthesis at L2/L3 and L3/L4 levels, disc degeneration was present at L5 and compression fracture of L2 vertebra was identified. As I was lost and helpless, I began to search for specialists for my mother through the internet and found eMediHub's portal.
I contacted eMediHub and Jeremy was on-line assisting me to coordinate and make the medical appointment for my mother. The services provided was efficient and effective as I have the medical appointment almost immediately scheduled. On top of that, Jeremy was on-site to provide his concierge support during the appointment day with Dr. James Tan and as my mother also requires a colonoscopy, Jeremy was there assisting me by making the medical appointment immediately within the same day itself with Dr. Melvin Look and its very appreciative indeed.
When I needed assistance, Jeremy can be contacted through his mobile and he ensure us obtained priority in the diagnostic lab and when my mother was admitted to the hospital, he was there to provide his support during admission and discharge time. I would like to thank Dr. James Tan, Dr. Melvin Look and Jeremy who has been very helpful throughout the entire processes that I've gone through.
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