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Medical Organization:

Benefits For Specialists

As globalization becomes ubiquitous, it is imperative that medical specialists broaden their clientele base both locally and internationally. More patients are traveling abroad to seek medical treatments.

With eMediHub, a one-stop medical community between specialists and patients, we enable 24/7 secured access to patients' records, facilitating cross-border care, which leads to greater revenue.

Global Reach to Patients

Patients can find the information on what they want, anywhere and anytime.

For overseas patients looking for world-class medical treatments and at a more competitive pricing, eMediHub offers a wealth of information on available specialists, the medical specialist's biographies and achievements, and useful information on travelling and accommodation.

Through direct contact, the patient can make an informed decision on which specialist can fulfill their medical needs, before making the specialist selection and mental preparation to embark on the trip abroad.

For local patients, the website provides more options to find a more suitable specialist or one that is closer to home.

Enhance Patient Care & Create Awareness

eMediHub provides patients with resources to choose the best medical specialists for their healthcare needs.

We are also a leader in the state-of-the-Art web-based Electronic Health Records system, with expertise in instant delivery of patients test results and digital safe-keeping of data.

Online Accessibility

eMediHub is easy to use with defined search tools.

Whether the patients are looking for an eye specialist or a heart specialist, patients can easily retrieve the specialist profile through our extensive specialty directory.

Patients can also locate their desired specialist with a single click using our quick search function, or narrow their search with our advanced search feature.

Users can search based on either general keywords or specialist/advanced search which matches to your profile. Hence, the more specific and detailed your profile is, the more likely it will show up in the result list. The result will be sorted by profiles' popularity and in descending order, i.e. profiles which are viewed by more users will be displayed on top and in front. Therefore, it is also important to ensure that your profile's content is clear, understandable and eye-catching to users.