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Definition of Specialists

  • Education Background

  • Medical Licenses

A physician must hold a current state medical license in order to legally practice.

  • Board Certifications

To be board certified in a particular area means that a doctor has received additional training as a specialist. If you are looking for an obstetrician, for example, you will want one with a certification through the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

  • Accepted Types of Insurance

Never assume that a doctor accepts your medical insurance. Rather, you should call his/her office for a list of accepted plans.

  • Hospital Affiliations

Check which hospital(s) your doctor is affiliated with. You may have a preference for a particular local hospital, in which case you will want a doctor who has a relationship with that facility.

  • Years of Experience

Normally, you will want a doctor who has been practising for at least 3 years, preferably more. Even a doctor with a top-notch education and stellar reputation needs some time to hone his/ her skills in the real world.