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Latest Development

2009-12-24 Air Ambulance Update

We have successfully completed another Air Ambulance case in the middle of December 2009 from Medan to Singapore. The patient is a Singaporean vacationing in Indonesia and had a heart attack.
We arranged for the patient to be admitted in a local government hospital. She received an operation on the following day and is
Our on-site support team was at the airport and hospital and are very pleased to see that the patient is doing well.

We have completed another Air Ambulance case in early December 2009 from Indonesia to Singapore. The patient has an internal bleeding in the brain. We arranged for the patient to be admitted at a local private hospital and coordinated with the specialist doctor before and after the patient arrived. After a few challenging days, the patient is now recovering without an operation.
Our on-site support team was at the aiport and hospital daily. We were in close contact with the patient's family until the patient is out of critical care.

2009-11-10 A Brand New Look In order for our patients to have better user experiences on eMediHub, we have worked diligently since June, 2009 in planning, design and content development, software coding and implementation. We are pleased to inform our user, specialist, and hospital partners that eMediHub has a brand new look as of November 5, 2009. More than just a new look, we have taken advice from users and changed the entire user experience to be based on layman approach in searches, database categorization of specialists and display formats. This enables our users to more easily and quickly get specialist and hospital information that they seek.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to support@emedihub.com
2009-06-30 More Partnerships

eMediHub has partnered 4 additional major hospitals in Singapore, increasing our number of medical partners to a total of 8 medical centers (public and private hospitals). As such, we cover virtually the entire medical network in Singapore.

We have also signed up Meritus Mandarin, a five-star hotel which is within 5-minutes walk from Mount Elizabeth Hospital and a 5-minutes drive to Gleneagles Hospital.

2009-06-22 Air Ambulance Service Website

Based on patients' requests, eMediHub has revamped our air ambualnce website as of 22 June 2009. It is more user-friendly and informative with a comprehensive checklist to help patinets and families.

We recently established partnerships with 4 medical aircraft operators in Asia and US, providing us direct access to 8 medical aircrafts, including LearJet, Westwind and Hawker

For more information on our air ambulance service, please visit www.emedihub.com/air-ambulance.php

2009-03-01 New Look!

The eMediHub portal has been revamped to a more user-friendly interface through the following 3 changes:
1.Content re-organisation for easier navigation and more effective information search
2.Brand new Home Page with key information in a glimpse
3.Fuss-free registration for greater convenience

2008-12-01 Air Ambulance Service

eMediHub recently completed two projects in air ambulance/medical evacuation. It involved an Indonesian late-stage cancer patient who was transported from Singapore to China and then back to Indonesia.

During the four days of intense support work on each project, we worked closely with the aircraft operations team virtually 24/7 in planning, scheduling, arranging for aircraft and financial matters, pilots and medical personnel, documentations for customs and immigration, contingency plans, and medical records.

Although the projects were intense, the team was pleased when the patient's family expressed their sincere appreciation (see testimonials) . We were also encouraged when our partner from the medical aircraft company, which has over 20 years of experience, told us that they were pleasantly surprised to see eMediHub staff at 4am at the airport with the patient and family. These encouragements have motivated us to charge ahead in the air ambulance sector.

Frankly, these were our first two projects in this area. However, our expertise in medical referral, experiences working with hundreds of patients needs in medical travel, strong relationship with major hospitals, strength in large and complex project management in IT projects are valuable assets in the successful completion of these projects. Perhaps most importantly, eMediHub's philosophy in "Patients Patients Patients" have been helpful in guiding us in these projects.

Valuable Lessons Learned:

a.Patients Patients Patients. We should always treat the well being of patients as our top priority.
b.Air-ambulance is expensive. Families need to have the right expectations, including fitness for the patient to fly, financial ability, and knowing who is the doctor at destination hospital.
c.Take care of financial arrangements upfront. Nail down the financial arrangement and payment methods ASAP in the beginning of the project.
d.Find a reputable and caring air-ambulance service company to arrange the entire trip. An experienced company will take care of the majority of the challenges, allowing the family to focus on the patient.
e.Find a suitable specialist doctor. It is crucial to arrange for appropriate specialists in destination hospital. Many air-ambulance service providers stop at sending the patient to destination hospital. Searching for a suitable specialist is probably the most challenging task in this whole exercise. eMediHub's one-stop services enable patients and families to identify appropriate specialists and help them arrange for appointments as well.
f.Develop processes and checklists and train the customer support personnel. Prepare documentations during "down" time and train the support people. Air-ambulance service deals with seriously ill patients and the margin for errors is close to zero. Good preparations completed prior to execution will greatly increase the chances of success.

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