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Health Screening Packages
Comprehensive (More) | Specialized Cancer | Specialized Liver

Health Screening Comprehensive Packages

Price from S$900 to S$6,000 before GST

 Premier PackageLadies Premier Package Elite PackageLadies Elite Package
Interview on Medical History by Doctor
Physical Examination by Doctor
Body Fat Measurement
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Visual Acuity
Complete Haematological Parameters
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
Liver Function Test
Kidney Function Test
Blood Glucose 
Lipid/Cholesterol Profile
Gout (Uric Acid)
Thyroid Screen (Free T4 & TSH)
Bone Mineral Status (Calcium & Phosphate)
Bone Mineral Status (OsteoCalcin)  
Immunology (Rheumatoid Factor)
Immunology (Anti-DS DNA Antibody)
Immunology (Anti-Nuclear Antibody)
Cardiac Risk (Homocysteine)
Cardiac Risk: Apolipoprotein A   
Cardiac Risk: Apolipoprotein B   
Cardiac Risk: Apolipoprotein A&B   
Cardiac Risk: HS CRP
Cardiac Risk: Lipoprotein A
Hormonal Profile: Progesterone  
Hormonal Profile: LH, FSH  
Hormonal Profile: Estradiol (E2) – Ladies
Hormonal Profile: Testosterone – Men  
Anaemia Screen: TBIC  
Anaemia Screen: B12
Anaemia Screen: Folate
Anaemia Screen: Ferritin  
Hepatitis A Screening
Hepatitis B Screening
Hepatitis C Screening
 Food Allergy Screen - Choose 1 out of 3  
1. Asian Panel    
2. Food Allergen    
3. Inhalative and Food Allergen    
Blood Group (ABO)  
HIV Screening
Venereal Disease (VDRL/TPHA)
Rubella IgG   
Tumour Marker - Liver (AFP)
Tumour Marker - Colon (CEA)
Tumour Marker - Intestine (CA 19-9)
Tumour Marker - Ovary (CA 125)  
Tumour Marker - Breast (CA 15.3)  
Tumour Marker - Nose (EBV)
Tumour Marker - Lung (Cyfra)
Tumour Marker - Prostate (PSA) - Men  
Choose 1 out of 3  
1. Tumour Marker - Ovary (CA 125)    
2. Tumour Marker - Breast (CA 15.3)    
3. Pap Smear    
Urine Microalbumin (qualitative/quantitative)
Urine Cytology  
Stool Occult Blood
Stool FEME  
Pap Smear  
Chest X-ray
Ultrasound Pelvis
Ultrasound Abdomen
Ultrasound Breast   
Bone Densitometry  
Choose 2 out of 3   
1. Ultrasound Breast    
2. Mammogram    
3. Bone Densitometry    
Choose 1 out of 3  
1. CT Coronary Angiogram    
2. CT Abdomen    
3. CT Pelvis    
Choose 1 out of 4   
1. MRI Brain / MRA Brain    
2. MRI Lumbar Spine    
3. MRI Cervical Spine    
4. MRI Breast    
Choose 1 out of 4   
1. MRI Brain / MRA Brain    
2. MRI Lumbar Spine    
3. MRI Cervical Spine    
4. MRI Prostate    
Treadmill Stress Echo
Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)  
Audiometry (Hearing Test)
Nasoendoscopy (Nose Cancer Screen)
Retinophotography (Diabetic Eye Test)
12 Leads Resting Electrocardiogram
Spirometry (Lung Function Assessment)
Tonometry (Glaucoma Screen)
Anti-Aging Consultation  
Evaluation of Medical Reports    
Medical Report
Post Examination Review by Doctor