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Health Screening Packages
Comprehensive (More) | Specialized Cancer | Specialized Liver

Health Screening Packages for Cancer

Price from S$2,000+ before GST

Males Females
General Assessment by Cancer Centre Physician
Family History
Genetic Counselling and Cancer Risk Assessment
General Physical Examination
Whole Body Mole Examination
Full Blood Count
Liver Function Test
Faecal Occult Blood Test
Urine FEME
Chest X-Ray (for lungs)
Pelvic Examination
PAP Smear (for cervix)
Mammogram (for breast)
Ultrasound breast
Ultrasound Abdomen
Ultrasound Pelvis (transabdominal) / (transvaginal)
Ultrasound Prostate (transabdomical) / (transrectal)
CT Lung Nodule Scan (64 Slice CT)
MRI Brain
Cancer Marker Tests
EBV (for nasapharynx)
Alpha-Fetoprotein (for liver)
CEA (for colon & rectum)
CA 19-9 (for pancreas)
Cyfra 21-1 (for lung)
PSA (for prostate)
CA 12.5 (for ovary)
CA 15.3 (for breast)