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        Welcome: Shenzhen Feisuguang Technology Co., Ltd
        Language: Chinese ∷  English


        • HDMI Optical fiber 4K
        • HDMI Optical fiber 4K
        • HDMI Optical fiber 4K
        • HDMI Optical fiber 4K
        HDMI Optical fiber 4KHDMI Optical fiber 4KHDMI Optical fiber 4KHDMI Optical fiber 4K

        HDMI Optical fiber 4K

        • Max Supported Video Resolution:3840x2160 (4K @ 60Hz)
        • 60Hz
        • 18Gbps
        • 1m~150m
        • Product description: Fiber HDMI cable creates crystal-clear UHD 4K video/audio connections with HDR for home theaters and digital signage. Supports UHD resolutions up to 4K @ 60 Hz (4:4:4) for crystal-clear video Carrie
        • INQUIRY
        4K HDMI Cable Connects Home Theater, Gaming & Digital Signage Components

        This 4K HDMI cable securely connects HDMI-enabled laptops, tablets, PCs, Blu-ray players, game consoles or satellite/cable TV boxes to HDTVs, HD monitors, projectors or home theater receivers. Because the cable uses optical fiber, it can transmit HDMI signals longer distances with no latency or loss. It also eliminates any EMI/RFI line noise that can interfere with your audio/video signal and disrupt the performance of your connected equipment.


        • 4K@60Hz
        • 18 Gbps, max 60 fps/HZ
        • FS Fiber Optic Technology
        • 10~150 meters
        • allows cable to be re-terminated if necessary
        • No external power required for most applications
        • HDMI to USB cord included in case of embedded power < 5V
        • Plenum Jacket


        Resolution 4K,
        Data 18 Gbps, 120 fps/Hz
        Rating HDCP 2.2
        Features Include High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wide Color Gamut (WCG)
        ARC 30 m, 40 m,50m~150m
        Audio 7.1 Audio / Dolby Audio / DTS Audio
        Fibers 4
        Type FS

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