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        Welcome: Shenzhen Feisuguang Technology Co., Ltd
        Language: Chinese ∷  English

        Fiber tools and device

        • Optical fiber crimping pliers
        Optical fiber crimping pliers

        Optical fiber crimping pliers

        • Cutting specification: 1.8~4.5mm
        • Blade material: carbon steel
        • Service life: 1000 times
        • Stripping function: with stripping function
        • Product description: Fs-600 optical fiber crimping pliers is used for optical fiber connector assembly and crimping connector snap ring. It is suitable for FC / SC / St / LC / SMA905 and plastic optical fiber
        • INQUIRY

        Plastic optical fiber cutter (zjy-pc-1) is a new type of cutter with multiple functions. It is also a professional tool with beautiful design, low cost and convenient application. It can be used for cutting, splitting and stripping of plastic optical fiber. The cutting end face is flat and smooth; the fiber core is not damaged by wire stripping; the blade is completely hidden, which can protect the blade and the user's safety.
        Even non professionals can solve the problems encountered in the construction, connection and installation of plastic optical fiber in a very short time (a few seconds). It is one of the necessary tools for the people of plastic optical fiber network wiring.


        1. Ethernet
        2. Interactive security system
        3. Intelligent meter reading system
        4. Power control transmission
        5. Eliminate radio wave and electromagnetic interference
        6. High efficiency and confidentiality of data transmission


        1. Simple and cheap POF optical fiber communication solution
        2. The data is not affected by electromagnetic interference
        3. Light and easy operation
        4. It conforms to ieee802.3u Fast Ethernet data communication standard.
        5. It can transmit synchronous data, asynchronous data and control data
        6. The integrated optical path has high efficiency of optical coupling
        7. The input and output signals of the device are compatible with the differential signals of phy chip


        numerical value

        Product name

        Optical fiber crimping pliers




        g 220g

        Interface size

        mm 1.8~4.5

        texture of material

        -- S136

        service life


        working temperature


        Storage temperature


        Meet the standard


        tensile test

        KG ≥3KG


        Shenzhen Feifei Optical Technology Co., Ltd. can develop, design, process and produce all kinds of plastic optical fiber jumpers, optical fiber industrial control jumpers, optical connectors, optical modules, optical network equipment, etc. according to the technical specifications such as samples and drawings provided by customers

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