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        Welcome: Shenzhen Feisuguang Technology Co., Ltd
        Language: Chinese ∷  English

        AVAGO of Plastic Optical Fiber

        • AVAGO T-1521Z R-2521Z
        • AVAGO T-1521Z R-2521Z
        • AVAGO T-1521Z R-2521Z
        AVAGO T-1521Z R-2521ZAVAGO T-1521Z R-2521ZAVAGO T-1521Z R-2521Z

        AVAGO T-1521Z R-2521Z

        • Brand: AVAGO
        • Length: 0.1-100m
        • Wavelength: 650 nm
        • Diameter: 2.2-7.0
        • Product description: It is mainly used in low-speed and short-distance transmission. It has good prospects in the field of industrial control bus system and Internet. It has the advantages of high transmission bandwidth,
        • INQUIRY

        Versatile Link HFBR-4503Z plastic optical fiber jumper uses Avago single-way unlocked connector, which can be directly inserted into the optical transceiver; HFBR-4503Z is a grey connector and HFBR-4513Z is a blue connector, both of which have the same appearance and structure except for the color difference.

        Product picture

        1. Industrial Automation Control Bus System
        2. Industrial Robot Intelligent System and Servo System
        3. Communication switching system
        4. Digital Multimedia System
        5. Medical Sensing System
        6. Power system, etc.


        1. Broad transmission bandwidth, anti-electromagnetic interference, good flexibility, vibration resistance, stable and reliable signal transmission.
        2. High and low temperature resistance (-20 to 70 degrees Celsius)
        3. Easy to install and connect without maintenance.
        4. Compliance with Agilent Universal Connection System Standard
        5. Compliance with international standards (EIA/TIA 569, CENELEC EN 50174-2)
        6. Compliance with Profibus, Interbus, ControlNet and SERCOS standards

        Scope of application and parameters

        numerical value

        Core diameter


        Core material



        mm Φ2.2mm-10.0mm

        Outer material

        -- PE/PVC


        -- 650nm


        dB/km <180

        Bending radius

        -- 5 x core Diameter

        numerical aperture

        NA 0.5


        -- 2000

        Splice Loss


        working temperature


        vibration test


        meet a criterion


        Tensile test

        KG ≥5KG

        technical service

        Shenzhen Xinlingyun Photoelectric Co., Ltd. can develop, design, process and produce all kinds of plastic optical fiber jumpers, optical fiber industrial control jumpers, optical connectors, optical modules, optical network equipment, etc. according to the technical specifications of samples and drawings provided by customers.

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