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        Welcome: Shenzhen Feisuguang Technology Co., Ltd
        Language: Chinese ∷  English

        Industrial Controlled Plastic Optical Fiber

        • LC Optical Fiber
        • LC Optical Fiber
        • LC Optical Fiber
        LC Optical FiberLC Optical FiberLC Optical Fiber

        LC Optical Fiber

        • Brand: LC
        • Length: 0.1-100m
        • Wavelength: 650 nm
        • Diameter: 2.2-7.0
        • Product description: Its shell is made of molded glass fibre plastics with a rectangular shape; the plug sleeve (also known as insertion pin) is made of precision ceramics, and the coupling sleeve is a metal slotted sleev
        • INQUIRY

        The ST POF patch cords are made of POF duplex cables and Agilient connectors. Standard attenuation and extra low loss POF cables are identical except for attenuation specifications.
        Polyethylene jackets on all plastic fiber cables comply with UL VW-1 flame retardant specification.
        POF patch cords can be customized according to customer's needs on the cable length, connectors etc.

        Product picture

        1. Industrial automation control system
        2. Industrial robot system and servo system
        3. Easy to install and connect without maintenance.
        4. Digital multimedia systems
        5. Medical sensor system

        6. Compliance with Profibus, Interbus, ControlNet and SERCOS standards


        1. Light in weight; energy saving and safe;
        2. High bandwidth; excellent flexibility; vibration resistance;
        3.Anti-electromagnetic interference; stable and reliable signal transmission;
        4.Easy to install and connect; maintenance easily;
        5. Medical Sensing System
        6. Power system, etc.

        Scope of application and parameters

        numerical value

        Core diameter


        Core material



        mm Φ2.2mm-10.0mm

        Outer material

        -- PE/PVC


        -- 650nm


        dB/km <180

        Bending radius

        -- 5 x core Diameter

        numerical aperture

        NA 0.5


        -- 2000

        Splice Loss


        working temperature


        vibration test


        meet a criterion


        Tensile test

        KG ≥5KG

        technical service

        Shenzhen Xinlingyun Photoelectric Co., Ltd. can develop, design, process and produce all kinds of plastic optical fiber jumpers, optical fiber industrial control jumpers, optical connectors, optical modules, optical network equipment, etc. according to the technical specifications of samples and drawings provided by customers.

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