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air ambulance service

Air Ambulance Services Process

Diagrammatic Representation of a sample Indonesia-Singapore Case

Diagrammatic Representation of a sample Indonesia-Singapore Case

Note: Boxes in bold represent eMediHub's core competence to identify and arrange experienced specialists for patients.

eMediHub Air Ambulance Services (Outline)

  1. Determine the needs of a Singapore or US-based Air Ambulance Service with a Singapore or US trained medical doctor and nurse.

  2. Patients who need Air Ambulance Services to contact eMediHub.

  3. Patients have the options to be treated in Singapore or other country. If the patient decides to have treatment in other countries skip Step 4 and go to Step 7 directly.

  4. eMediHub Team to find a suitable Specialist Doctor once the patient has decided to be treated in Singapore.

  5. eMediHub CSR Team to contact the specialist doctor for initial assessment.

  6. The Specialist to provide initial assessment to the patient. When possible, the Specialist would also provide estimated costs for treatment options and time required.

  7. eMediHub CSR Team to check for planes availability and an estimated cost.

  8. The patient to provide eMediHub Team with complete medical information.

  9. The patient to make a decision whether to proceed with Air Ambulance Services. If not, end the process. If yes, eMediHub will proceed with air ambulance procedures.

Air Ambulance - How We Work

eMediHub offers a comprehensive Air Ambulance service, which includes more than just transporting patient from one hospital to another. With direct access to eight medical aircrafts for Asia Pacific, USA and Europe cases,eMediHub's Air Ambulance Service focuses in Asia Pacific, USA, Middle East and Australia but can fly anyone to virtually anywhere.

Upon receiving your call, we will identify plane availability and the most competitive price. eMediHub fully understands your concerns during this critical period. As such, we are serious about our commitments to patients, family and friends. Specifically, we stand behind our official quotes.

Once we receive the go ahead from you, we will start making all necessary travel arrangements.

Transferring a patient from one country to another is a complicated and lengthy process as there is a lot of paperwork involved. eMediHub settles these administrative work, leaving you with no further worries.

In addition, eMediHub's support personnel will constantly update family members about patient's status, until the patient has been admitted into the destination hospital.

Even then, our work is not yet fully complete. As part of our service to you, we will store the patient's records in PatientFirst, eMediHub's web-based electronic health records system for future retrievals.

air ambulance service

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