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air ambulance service

Air Ambulance FAQ

  • What is air ambulance service?

It is a bedside-to-bedside medical transfer of critically ill patients which include ground ambulances at originating and destination hospitals, a doctor, nurse and special medical equipment. It usually involves an aircraft for emergency medical assistance in situations where a traditional ground ambulance cannot easily or quickly reach the patient.

  • When should one consider air ambulance service?

Air ambulance service is recommended for patients who are critically ill and need to be operated on ASAP. This can include transplant patients, stroke patients and accident victims.

  • How much does an air ambulance service cost?

Air ambulance service is very costly. At times, it could be more than 3 times the cost of a commercial flight. This cost will be an all-inclusive cost, meaning cost of booking aircraft, booking of land ambulance, allowance for pilots and medical staff, renting of medical equipment and engaging eMediHub's services.

  • How do I make payment?

This is a cash-based industry. eMediHub accepts only upfront payment in cash before the flight is confirmed.

  • Can somebody accompany the patient in the air ambulance?

Yes. Depending on the seating capacity of the aircraft, usually two (2) additional passengers can fly with the patient.

  • What happens when a flight is delayed or diverted due to weather or other problems?

We will do whatever possible to get a patient to his or her destination. However, circumstances are sometimes out of our control (E.g. weather conditions, aircraft's mechanical problems). In every case, we will keep the patient's well-being as our priority and expedite the transfer as best as we can.

  • What do the acronyms BLS, ALS and CC mean?

BLS means "basic life support". This is the type of care for patients who need minimal external life support, but still need monitoring and care. Some of the equipment required might include an FFA approved stretcher, oxygen, blood pressure monitoring, IVs and certified emergency medical personnel.

ALS means "actual life support". This is basically BLS plus the possibility of cardiac defibrillation and the potential for dealing with trauma and other conditions that would necessitate a high level of care.

CC means "critical care". In this situation, at least two specifically trained flight medics will accompany the patient with highly complex medical equipment in the air ambulance.

  • For patients coming to Singapore

As eMediHub is based in Singapore, our support personnel will be on-site once the patient touches down in Singapore, assisting him with admissions, medical bills, problems encountered and obtaining authorization from insurance companies throughout his stay in the hospital.

When possible, eMediHub would find a suitable and experienced specialist or a medical team who will assess the patient's situation BEFORE the patient leaves for Singapore and be ready BEFORE the patient arrives so that you know what you can expect before coming to Singapore.

This specialist or medical team will also be in-charge of the patient throughout his/her entire stay in the hospital. Therefore removing any doubt/worry you or the patient may have on the care he/she is going to receive.

eMediHub eliminates the hassle of having to seek a hospital with available wards for the patient. We saves you AND the patient precious time by settling this for you before the patient arrives in Singapore.

This are additional services we provide at NO additional cost.

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