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Medical Organization:
air ambulance service
Our Services

air ambulance serviceAir Ambulance Services

  • Comprehensive Services.

  • Experienced support center and on-site team which provides round-the-clock updates and settle all logistics requirements.

  • Arrange for fully-equipped medical aircraft (e.g. Lear Jet, West Wind).

  • Arrange for Singapore or US-based pilots, accompanying medical doctor and nurse.

  • There are 1-3 seats for family members.

  • Arrange for customs clearance at immigration departments.

  • Provide two ground ambulances from the originating hospital and destinations Provide round-the-clock customer support for anxious family members until patient is safely admitted into destination hospital.

  • Partnership with reputable service providers of medically equipped jets.

  • Translate medical records if and when necessary.

diagram of planeTypes of Aircrafts

  • Westwind 1

    • Maximum flight duration: 5 hours

    • Seating capacity: up to 4 accompanying passengers

  • Westwind 2

    • Maximum flight duration: 6 hours

    • Seating capacity: up to 4 accompanying passengers

  • Cessna 500

    • Maximum flight duration: 3 hours

    • Seating capacity: up to 4 accompanying passengers

  • LearJet 35

    • Maximum flight duration: 4 hours

    • Seating capacity: up to 4 accompanying passengers

  • Hawker 800

    • Maximum flight duration: 6 hours

    • Seating capacity: up to 4 accompanying passengers

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