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Medical Organization:

About us

Established in 2006, eMediHub is the leading medicalátravel and web-based, patient-centric IT systemsáService provider in Singapore. With comprehensive profiles of specialists and medical facilities, eMediHub is the premier destination for patients seeking medical care in Singapore. Our goals are simple:

  1. Provide patients and the public with resources to chooseásuitable specialist for their healthcare needs.
  2. Aimáto minimize total costs patients incur while sourcing for the most suitable treatment.
  3. Provideáspecialist doctorsáwith the opportunity to increase exposure to international and local patients.

Our mission is to assist patients in finding high quality yet affordable medical care beyond their home countries.

With an increasing complexity of patient care and a greater demand for healthcare services, eMediHub strives to be a truly 1-Stop Medical TraveláCommunity. To achieve this, we have built strategic partnerships with some of the most experienced specialist doctors, reputable medical groups, reputable public and private hospitals in Singapore, credible air ambulance operators and quality hotels. In eMediHub, we do our best to ensure that patients and their families are cared for by seamless, coordinated network of professionals and hospitals.

Our Services

eMediHub's information rich web-based system and friendly help-desk personnel helps you research and arrange your medical care including necessary travel and accommodation, all at one place, connecting you to leading healthcare facilities and services overseas. In addition, we also provide Air Ambulance Services http://www.emedihub.com/air-ambulance.php to transfer critically ill patients from one location to another.

For Patients and the Public:

For international patients looking for world-class medical treatments and at competitive pricings, the web portal offers a wealth of information on the specialties available, the medical specialists' biographies and achievements, and useful information on traveling and accommodations. Through direct contact with our help-desk personnel, the patient can make an informed decision on which specialist doctor could fulfill their medical needs, before making the physical and mental preparation to embark on the trip to Singapore.

To better serve our patients, our experienced Customer Support Team is fluent in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia.

For local patients, the website provides options to find a more suitable specialist. Alternatively, our Help-desk personnel, equipped with necessary knowledge, are able to answer any queries you may have in finding a suitable medical specialist. On most of your questions, we could provide relevant information for you to make a decision.

For Specialists:

eMediHub's goal is to assist patients find suitable specialist doctors based on patients' medical needs. As such, we are constantly looking for highly qualified and dedicated specialist doctorsáto help us achieve this goal. Upon successful registration, eMediHub will list┬áthe specialist doctor's┬áprofile on the portal and all that is left is to enjoy our referrals.  

Together, let's build a successful one-stop medical community!